Zhong Yi - Traditional Chinese Medicine

It is not surprising that medicine and martial arts are closely related if you know that both sciences are founded on the same basic theories. Anybody practising martial arts knows about the injuries  caused through training and sparring and the necessity to treat them quickly.

Massage techniques and herbal tinctures

That is why the basic concepts of Chinese Medicine and different massage techniques are taught during training. In order to prevent damage to injury-prone tissue, minor injuries are treated straight away. Massage techniques, herbal tinctures and oils, healing plasters and various herbal remedies, that are taken internally, are used.


Yin und Yang - the foundation

As opposed to our school of medicine, Chinese Medicine (CM) has a more energy based outlook. Nowadays everybody knows the Yin and Yang energy poles of CM. Yin and Yang can be applied to all worldly phenomena. Our bodies and its functions can be arranged according to either Yin or Yang. When Yin and Yang are balanced we are healthy. If you are in a state of imbalance, especially for a longer period of time, you are ill and the energy imbalances have to be levelled out again.

The training supports Yin and Yang equilibrium. Furthermore the training conveys certain principles of a healthy and nurturing lifestyle. On top of that the System includes various exercises combining breathing and movement also known as Qi Gong.

Thomas Quehl has gained a deep insight into the philosophy of Chinese Medicine in China, Malaya and Germany and also learned the different techniques there. In his practice in Pfuelstrasse he treats patients on the basis of moxibustion, accupuncture, Chinese herbal therapeutics and various massage techniques (tuina).

You can find a more detailed description at http://www.tcmpraxis-quehl.de.