Da Sheng Men - The Style of the Grand Wise Sage

Da Sheng Men (大聖門) translated means „Style of the Grand Wise Sage“or „School of the Respectable Sage“. Da Sheng Men, the „Grand Sage“ is Sun Wukong (孙悟空), the mythical monkey who is usually known  as the monkey king or monkey god.

The Myth

Sun Wukong is a very popular character in legends and fairytales in China. The monkey embodies wisdom, rebellion, strength and ambition. In the famous epic Chinese tale „Monkeys Pilgrim“ (西游记) he plays the central role and to this day he flits around in numerous plays of the Beijing Opera, books, films and comics. The monkey god is considered as the founder of the complete Monkey Style (Hou Quan). This style is subdivided in a variety of forms. There is an extremely acrobatic interpretation studied at the Beijing Opera or the relatively widely known Da Sheng Pi Gua Men (大聖劈掛門 ). A large number of Wu Shu styles have also integrated particular monkey forms.

The facts

Da Sheng Men unites the different monkey styles under its banner. Grandmaster Aw Kheng Loong (胡健龍) is the Grandmaster of the Style in the 17th generation. According to Grandmaster Aw it is originally a daoist style that developed from a dance. A combative aspect was contained within this „monkey dance“, that apparently already existed in the time of Kong Zis (Konfuzius), from which the martial art was then developed. However, todays style has a buddhist character.

The military tradition of the Hu family

The Grandmaster of the first generation, Aw Tianxi, travelled throughout the whole of China. He supposedly founded 36 schools in different places during this period, encountered many other styles and fought many comparative battles. A further important impulse for the developement of Da Sheng Men stems from the military history of Hu family. Throughout the various dynasties family Hu took on military assignments in the service of different emperors. During the Song Dynasty for instance the part of the family that cultivated the monkey boxing also worked as generals and bodyguards for the imperial family.

Da Sheng Men today

Grandmaster Aw lives in Malaya where he runs a school. In the meantime Da Sheng Men has found followers in the whole world. In Europe there are schools in Germany, Finland and Sweden.