Qigong and Kung Fu

Qigong (氣功) is a Chinese exercise that integrates breathing and movement, body and mind. Many different styles and traditions have been developed. In our school, two types of Qigong are taught.

Qigong as part of the Da Sheng Men training

The cultivation of Qi is an important aspect in traditional martial arts. At our school, the "Qi-Training" begins after completion of the student forms. Following certain nutritional rules, a specific form of Qigong is practiced or applied daily over a defined period of time. The goal in this time is to cultivate as much qi as possible in order to make it easier to experience and to control in the long term. Continuing education teaches different levels or forms of this training.

Health Qigong

Our health QiGong comes from the Chan (Zen) Buddhist tradition. We are less interested in understanding esoteric contexts than in doing. We teach two series of movements each consisting of 12 exercises that are suitable for everyone. They keep you moving, increase strength, flexibility and coordination. Ideal for re-entry into sports after prolonged exposure such as a result of illness.



The twelve images of the exercise series in Qigong can be practiced individually or together. Breathing and movement are exactly coordinated. The physical demands increase with the pictures, so that with increasing exercise time of the Qigong strength, sense of balance and coordination are significantly improved.

The health QiGong takes place every wednesday from 19.00 to 20.00 and can also be booked separately.