The training takes place in stages. The first stage is standing. Standing strenghtens leg muscles, teaches holding the correct position, patience and stamina. You never learn to walk before you have learned to stand. The second stage is the „path of the three kings“. Basics are practised with this form: defending, freeing, sweeping, pushing, stabbing and levering. This exercise teaches coordination, forward movement and strength in the wrists. The third stage is the training of the four beginner forms. Here the movements and fighting principles of the subsytems are mixed. They represent the foundation of monkey boxing, practising the organisation of your own body within a certain space. The specific forms from the Wood and Stone Monkey are taught in the fourth stage. From here on you have to start with Qi Gong and exercises for hardening certain parts of the body.

The training scedule

Warm up and Warriorsteps

The training starts with a 15 minute warm up programme. This is followed by the so-called Warrior Steps. These are a succession of fighting techniques that originally served as a relatively quick way of comprehending the principles of the style. Nowadays they give support to people who are practising, so that they don't feel helpless after learning a certain technique.


Combat exercises

After this there are combat exercises that are practised with a partner. The aim is to gain a more indepth insight into specific techniques.


Quan Dao

The training closes with fighting techniques that address the level of each student individually. A sequence of techniques called Quan Dao are practised in order to train various aspects of the fighter. Everybody practises the Quan Daos at their own pace.

Training clothes

You need a white T-shirt and ankle-length black training trousers. The acceleration involved with fist and foot techniques can injure tissue that has no muscular support. Therefore it is recommended that women wear a sportsbra and men tightfitting underpants (no boxer shorts).


Test training

After consultation everybody who is interested in monkey boxing can do a two week test training where you learn the basic positions, first punches and blocks. After this two week period the Master decides if the student can be admitted into the school.


Training times

Training takes place four times a week.

Monday 17.30 - 19.30 Uhr
Wednesday 17.30 - 19.00 Uhr
Thursday 17.30 - 19.00 Uhr
Friday 19.00 - 20.30 Uhr


Training hall

The Training is situated close to S-Bahnhof Südkreuz.